Thursday, 30 May 2013

Copenhagen (Part V): Mikkeller Bar

The Mikkeller Bar celebrated its 3rd birthday on the last day of our Copenhagen trip so we headed there after a detour to Christiania & camped out for the afternoon. I was pleasantly  surprised that the entire street had been closed for the bar, markets, street food & a brilliant Jazz band. I did my best at CBC by drinking all the sour beer in the joint so I switched back to cider for the Mikkeller Bar party. It was a great way to end our time in Copenhagen. They definitely know how to throw a street party, in a relaxed, fun kind of way. The best part: Watching a family carry their heavy outdoor table setting from their apartment, organise it on the street, eat dinner, have some drinks & carry it back home again. 
Everyone still in town from the festival was at the bar that afternoon. It's a strange feeling to be in another country & bump into people you know all over the place.

These guys played an epic 5 hour set. No time for cigarette breaks!
Quieting down in the evening
I love the tranquil spaces you glimpse behind buildings in Copenhagen. 
Enjoying the party
Edinburgh next. I'm already planning my next trip there!