Friday, 31 May 2013

Edinburgh (Part I)

The second half of our trip was spent in various places around Scotland. We arrived into Edinburgh & spent two days there in amazing sunshine before heading further North into Aberdeenshire (& then back to Edinburgh again!) to visit friends & the town Ben used to live in.

Edinburgh is absolutely beautiful. I was constantly looking around, making silly "ooh-ahhs" & narrowly avoiding bumping into people/stationary objects all over the place. We had it on good advice that Craigmillar was a castle not to be missed so we headed out there one morning & damn was it good! You can wander through the ruins freely, exploring at your own pace, imagining all the life that passed through the crumbling castle walls.

Plants belonging to the friendly family we stayed with in Leith

It was amazing to walk around the ruins, especially in such beautiful sunshine
Edinburgh from Craigmillar
Craigmillar Castle
I already love Edinburgh and will be back in the summer to explore all over again.