My name is emiko and this is my blog. 

I enjoy the following:

- Taking photos (let's face it - mostly of food)
- Crafting. Embroidery & crochet with a bit of sewing
- Coffee: Soy latte makes hangover better
- Gardening, which is slightly hard on the 7th floor
- Cooking but not baking as I have an irrational fear of touching dry flour. Seriously. It's creepy.

I am currently living in London & making travel plans. In the meantime I have been exploring our local neighbourhood, complaining about my 1+hour commute to work & staring at some yarn I bought recently but am too afraid to make anything with.

This is Benjamin. He makes most of the homemade foodstuffs I post about on the blog. I would like to pretend that I’m the productive one, but that wouldn’t fool anyone. In the past few years we have lived in Sydney > Bowral > Perth > London with a 6 month difference in location at the end of 2011 when Ben lived in the freezing depths of Scotland while I enjoyed the sunshine/cursed non-responsive Skype in Perth & Sydney.

He enjoys:

- Brewing Beer
- Cooking & making things
- Coffee: Espresso (yuck)
- Gardening
- Cheese sandwiches (see photo)
- Thinking he is hilarious

We haven’t got sick of each other yet (thank goodness, I’d be in a baked goods drought otherwise) and if you visit the blog every now & then you can see what we’ve been up to on our Northern Hemisphere sojurn. 

If you have read this far then you're probably my mum. Hi mum!