Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Copenhagen (Part IV): Blågårdsgade Festival

Our first morning in Copenhagen was spent in Norrebro at a brilliant cafe eating delicious breakfast, while there we noticed some posters for a festival happening in the area on Saturday. Ben was going to be at CBC all of saturday so I made plans to meet some friends & check out what was happening. It turned out to be a really lovely street festival with markets, drinks, bands & food. It was lovely to wander around and feel a bit summery. We even ate ice cream*.

Blågårdsgade Festival 2013
I do not know how she was doing that...
Delicious breakfast cafe, before the festival 
The street on a regular day
*Okay, so I eat ice cream every week (at the best ice cream parlour ever) but this time it was definitely a weather based ice cream call. In the depths of a London winter it's just a taste bud call.