Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Maybe Spring?

Saturday's around here are usually spent at The Kernel with different food markets making an appearance every now & then. Borough is still our favourite & last week we headed there early(ish) for the regular cheese sandwich/coffee fix before heading over to Maltby Street to check out Ropewalk. Things have changed a lot since last Spring before The Kernel moved... It's a lovely little market but super crowded & as it's on the way to St John's & other goodies we're never that fussed about hanging around for too long. When the sun comes out to play it's going to be the kind of market you want to get to super early to avoid the crowds & get everything you're looking for. I'm sure we'll be back there soon - hopefully early enough to nom a St John's Custard Donut next time! 

Ben had Waffles from Waffle On. The verdict: Delicious & Soft but slightly too pricey for the size.
On the hunt for Donuts. Far too late!
This was a L O V E L Y day for London!
I love Saturday. It's my favourite day to wander around London. Only 3 days until the next one!