Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Like driving into the future

A few weeks ago we spent a day in Greenwich with a stop off in Deptford for coffee/lunch at The Waiting Room which is connected to Kids Love Ink just a few shops down. The cafe was cosy and super cheap (sometimes I forget how expensive it is in London) with good veggie/vegan food and decent coffee - definitely worth the detour. We wandered around Deptford for a while & made our way down to Greenwich where we spent the rest of the day in the National Maritime Museum. We were there for ages & still didn't get around to seeing everything. Hopefully next time we'll see the rest of the museum and make it to the observatory as well - I would also like to be first on the DLR so I can sit in the roller coaster seat up the front.     

On the walk into Greenwich
Veggie hotdogs
To the observatory!