Monday, 28 January 2013

Hello Monday, why so grey?

Being made redundant due to lack of funding sucks. Being unemployed in an expensive city (and just generally) sucks. I am counting today as my first 'official' day of unemployment since my final paycheque included last week. I haven't been super productive so far (although I've written about a million job applications - which you need to do in a town this big) but I am aiming to be positive & do things I've wanted to do for ages. At the moment though I am looking out the window at the grey, rainy outside world  and putting off doing the groceries...not the best start. 

Okay - I'm going to brave the 10 minute walk to the shops & stop complaining on here. All in all things are pretty damn good, I just need to find a job. In the meantime I am going to:

- Crochet the stash of yarn I have lying around
- Make curtains
- Apply for jobs
- Cook/bake a lot
- Walk to the park or Heath whenever it is remotely sunny
- Apply for jobs
- Visit nice cafes
- Go to ALL the free museums in London
- Try & have a regular routine, stop stressing too much & wake up at an appropriate time

Here are some pictures from the lovely Brighton (possibly my favourite place ever) where I hope to be in a few weekends time. 

Best veggie burger ever. Cheap & Cheerful after a night at a gin bar. 

Mmmm...pita chips + cider

Have a lovely start of the week everyone!