Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A burger of the honest variety (and cake!)

A few weeks ago we finally made it down to Brixton to check out Honest Burger - we were prepared to have our names put on the waiting list and spend a while wandering around Brixton Village but luck was on our side & we got a table outside straight away! I can't believe it took us so long to get around to this. Honest Burger was  A M A Z I N G (Ben reckons the chips are among the best he's ever eaten) and it is really great that they have a solid veggie option. Since then we have been to the Soho shop too & it was just as good, although we had to skull our pre-lunch pints at a nearby pub when we got a table earlier than we had anticipated!

Brixton Village Market was great too - I have been obsessed with making new curtains for our living room & we found material for £2 per metre which made me very happy indeed. I still haven't made the curtains though, it seems I calmed down about it once I'd found the right material...and I'm a bit craft-lazy.

We will definitely head back to Brixton sometime soon - there are lots of cafes and shops we didn't get to check out as it was the quiet period just after New Year. We ended up having some delicious cakes from a cute little place in the market for dessert, so all in all our spontaneous trip to Brixton ('Hey, this bus goes to Brixton...why don't we hop on that instead?') was worth it. 

An Honest Burger, chips & home-made lemonade (surprisingly carbonated)
Carrot Cake vs Zucchini and Orange

I've been lazy for a while so there's lots to catch up on, having some holidays together meant we got around to doing a few things we'd been talking about for ages. 

I'm going to try and drag myself out of the house now - coffee (to help me write job applications) is worth leaving the house for.