Monday, 13 September 2010

Almost there!

I mentioned that I have been caught up in a crochet frenzy recently, It’s not over
yet but I thought I would show you the progress we’ve made! It’s a piece for
the City of Perth’s Art In Bloom (in the city) festival and will be going up this Thursday. Captain
has made the beautiful centre circle and I have made the flowers – It’s
been really great to work on, I just pop on a DVD and spend my evenings with
crochet hook in hand! It was great to finally see it all together…


The finished piece will be going up on this greenwall structure in the Northbridge Piazza. I'm sure that the install will be quite a funny sight! 

 Lots of flowers still to be made, but it's coming together! Soon It'll be back to the circles for my uni piece and one day I might even crochet something that will actually keep me warm!