Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ramen, stamps and piklets

Recently our lovely friend came to visit us all the way over here in Perth. Lots of beer drinking and general meandering around occurred, we're not the greatest hosts in the land (our apartment was messy and not at all fit for company but that's how much we love our visitor - no pretending that we're neat and tidy and do amazingly awesome stuff all the time - we were just our messy, never-on-time selves and only people we < 3 get that real a picture!) 

We went to any of the 'exciting' places we could think of which really just ended up being a few pubs and of course a trip to our friend the Jus Burger and pizza from Little Caesars. We also ate Ramen.

Everyone loves Ramen!

It may not have been the most exciting weekend (and I must apologise for crying during the election coverage when it looked as though this man might actually have a good shot at being the next PM) but it was so good to just hang out and watch ALL of the IT Crowd. (worth the 3301km flight, yes?)

Since then there has been a LOT of crochet happening, which I will post about later on when it's almost done - it's due to go up on the giant greenwall structure in Northbridge Piazza next week, eeek.

Sometimes the mailman brings wonderful things to our letterbox - including my new yellow owl workshop stamp set which I have been making writing paper with...

Stamps are always fun

If you are very nice to me you might get a letter on this stampy paper...

I also got a tee-shirt I have been eyeing off for AGES. Too excitement, and it's getting nice and spring like over here so I will be able to wear it soon. Head over to Buy Olympia if you dare (it's not good for the bank balance)


Sewingmaship Ahoy!

Sometimes, actually almost every weekend, piklets are made. Not just an afternoon tea foodstuff for children - apparently adults can eat piklets for breakfast. (not the most respectable breakfast of course, but they certainly are fun.) I thought I would mention them because:

  1. They are delicious

  2. They are fun and super easy to make

  3. They remind me of my Mum who is far far away

  4. You can eat them with jam

  5. Sometimes little bits of mixture escape from the regular size piklets and make tiny little baby ones... (miniature food is amusing)


It's nice to have friends visit us, we know that we are far away so when someone makes the effort it is the best thing ever ♥ and we are MOST certainly going to be returning the favour, although who wouldn't want to go here

Happy start of Spring everyone! (Spring is a really ridiculous word after a while...)