Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Magnets, Semi-Permanent and a new softie friend

A while ago I made some magnets (well..I'm always making magnets with little bits and pieces around the place. Renting means I can't stick things on walls, but there are a few magnetic surfaces in the place which get lots of attention.)

I enjoy drawing or stamping and sticking the picture onto those crappy magnets you sometimes get in the post - usually for plumbers or some such. Also, as there are a HEAP of bottle caps in our house, I make magnets out of the nice ones - it's really quick. I just glue a button on the inside and then glue the small round magnet on top of that (the button is to prevent the edge of the bottle cap scratching the surfaces it's stuck to - the magnet is slightly too short)

A few weeks ago I went and got a bunch of flat bottomed marbles and have been using them to make magnets with pictures underneath - it's hard to explain so the photo will have to do that...

They are all individual magnets - the pull is so strong that they arranged themselves like that...

I pick up a lot of free postcards so some of the pictures are from those, otherwise I just cut out from magazines etc. The Avant cards work well because they are stronger and the glue won't ruin them - it's probably best to stick some cardboard under anything more flimsy. They're really fun to make, you get to squidge the glue out from the centre, and they make our crappy Ikea shelves look much friendlier!

Stuck on the back of a baking tray this time!

The OnWilliam collective magnet set came out a few weeks ago to coincide with Popsicle. It's basically like a treasure hunt around Northbridge - you can collect the magnets for free from all of the different stores/bars etc. that are featured. This year the artwork was done by Sean Morris from Last Chance Studios (who are so great, they helped out with a venue during ArtsCAMP and therefore stopped me from banging my head on a brick wall for the rest of that week). I went on a magnet hunt and I have finally managed to get them all - you'd think it would be easy since I work within walking distance of all the places but you'd be surprised!

Here they are on my fridge - I was missing a few in the middle for a while and it was really getting to me!

I think it's a great idea - not least because it finally got me up to William Topp. More about that place later on!

My lovely and very talented friend Catherine is in Canada at the moment and I got a package in the post from her the other day! It contained a packet of Hello Kitty BandAids (I fall down a bit more than I'd like to so I'll probably need them!) and this little guy that she made...

 He needs a name - suggestions welcome!

On a completely different topic, working in the arts has it's upside - last Friday I went to the Perth Semi-Permanent conference. (I was thinking of buying a ticket anyway so it turned out quite nicely!) The speakers I saw were awesome - it was a tad crowded though and super dark inside. I got a bit claustrophobic and didn't end up sticking around 'til the end but from what I've heard it was all good stuff! 


What a jumble of a post!

I hope you are having a good day Xx