Saturday, 11 August 2012

Brewery Putt Putt & why you should check the sauce lid

Last weekend our lovely friend Cam was in London en route back to Australia & so we spent the weekend doing some London-y stuff. Borough Market for cheese sandwiches, Kernel for afternoon drinks, Boris Bicycling to Islington for shopping/coffee and putt putt in the brewery.

Yes. There was a Putt Putt (or mini-golf if you so prefer) course set up in the brewery. I started off strong with a hole in one which turned out to be an absolute fluke considering how far downhill my game went after that. Benjamin was trying out some fancy (and surely highly illegal in the putt putt world) 'chipping' moves which looked a bit more hockey than golf. Pints and putt putt are a good mix I think, although perhaps not too many pints. 

The course was harder than it looked, but then again the pints might be to blame
Granary Square at Kings Cross where I dragged everyone so we could check out the new Caravan which turned out not to have actually opened yet
CoffeeWorks Project 
This is why you should check the lid is on properly before shaking sauce. Also, for those of you out there with beards - if this happens to you, don't look down to survey the damage, your beard will end up covered in sauce also.
The people sitting next to us had a very lucky escape, the majority of the sauce ended up on Ben. Well, I am off to enjoy the sunshine at Street Feast & get me some Bhangra Burger & Sweet Tooth Factory goodness. I am also going to attempt to make a lion headband for a party tonight without the necessary craft supplies. Wish me luck!

Have a lovely weekend & remember to check the lid is on the sauce.