Friday, 27 July 2012

When breakfast turns into brunch & eggs wear woollen hats

A short stroll away from our place is Ginger & White. Lately we have been trying to get to know our immediate neighbourhood as well as we can and having heard good things we decided to head over to England's Lane and see for ourselves. Also, I am firmly of the opinion that Breakfast is the best meal to eat out, so why not?

 We only just managed to drag ourselves out of the house so it ended up being a bit more brunch than breakfast but I am so glad we did. I don't recommend drinking coffee quite as quickly as I did, but it was just so good. Bonsoy & Square Mile = happy times. 

All of the Jam
I held back & only had 2 coffees with brunch. Admittedly, I drank the first one in about 30 seconds. 
Baked beans of the delicious variety
It was a hot day (for London) but our eggs still needed wooly hats
Have a lovely weekend - I can definitely wait to battle the traffic on Monday & to be honest, the Boris announcements are already irritating and the games haven't even started. Seriously Boris.