Wednesday, 11 April 2012

It's always a long weekend when you are unemployed. Fairy Bread.

Over the weekend we went to the Southampton Arms in Kentish Town/Gospel Oak to drink cider and enjoy the lovely London weather*. We definitely drank a fair bit of cider and to my surprise they had a vego version** of a scotch egg which I had to try (I had thought the whole 'scotch egg' thing was out of my reach). I am very glad that I did, It was delicious, if a little bit weird at the same time. 

Sunday started at Caravan for some good coffee and to wander through the markets which we thought would be on, turns out they aren't there on least the cafe was open! After our non-trip to the exmouth markets we made our way over to Shoreditch to check out an exhibition at the Idea Generation gallery. It was an interesting exhibition of photographs taken of actors in theatres across London over the past 25 years or so. I wouldn't say that all of the photographs were amazing, but the subject matter was interesting and the gallery was lovely, all in all definitely worth the trip. We finished the day by heading over to the brewery for a birthday party, fairy bread in hand. 

Fairy Bread is weird.

Don't get me wrong, I love a piece of bread covered in sugar every now and then - apparently it's not a recognised food over here though and so tracking down the sprinkles was a tad difficult. 

The 100's & 1000's were different colours (pastel, and quite nice actually) but in the end it tasted the same. Despite everyone glancing sideways at the strange australian party food for the first half of the night, within the space of a few drinks the plate was empty (although I suspect that Ben may have had more than his fair share...)  

Cider, cider, cider.
Weird and yet delicious
Soy latte & a macchiato, yes please.
The Half
Some Chocolate Rain just across from the gallery
Pastel (we mixed the uglier packet in with the nice one...)
Mmmmm. Totally appropriate for a 30th Birthday.

* By lovely what I mean is 'Typical London Weather'

** I am not talking about soy meat here people, I'm talking chickpeas and spices. The whole fake meat thing freaks me out a bit. Expect for Not Bacon. I quite enjoy that, go figure.