Wednesday, 18 April 2012

...the great emancipator.

Moving house is never fun, even when you only have a backpack full of stuff! I am using this as my excuse for not having anything good to blog about at the moment. Also, I took my camera to the brewery bar on Friday night but gin+camera = blurriness.  

In touristy news, we went to the British Museum for the first of what will be MANY trips. I have also managed to put together a better general understanding of where the different London Landmarks are in relation to each other! Who knew that the palace was so close to Trafalgar Square? Or that the Thames is not that far away? I really need to get my act together (I have still not actually been in Trafalgar Square, just skirted around the outside, nor have I actually seen the palace) and get my tourist on. 

For now though, we are off to do the moving and get the house things. Also, we are heading to Camden Markets once again for noms.

Vegan cookie sandwich. Yes please.
Apple Pie Ice Cream with Hazelnut Crunch & Salted Caramel Sauce. More on this later.

Happy Wednesday everyone!