Wednesday, 29 February 2012

It was the electric system after all...

A night hanging out with my mum at Lilianfels in the Blue Mountains (courtesy of my little brother Akira)...

The day went like this:
  1. Coffee 
  2. Get in car, car doesn't start
  3. Get out of car, look under hood like we know what's going on in there
  4. Panic and laugh (non-refundable booking)
  5. Go get more coffee because it might help
  6. Make phone call to Akira who knows how to fix the car
  7. Fix car
  8. Get back in car and actually drive away
  9. Arrive in Blue Mountains (It seemed instant as I slept the whole way there - only way to travel)
  10. Coffee
  11. Buy 1 bottle of Vodka & 1 bottle of Mojito Pre Mix
  12. Arrive at Lilianfels, avoid valet parking (1980's Corolla = crappiest car on the premises, but well loved all the same)
  13. Spend some time looking around and commenting on the fancy.
  14. Check in, the man at reception is lovely and his daughter is also named Emiko! (that never happens)
  15. Spend the rest of the afternoon/evening wandering around Echo Point, watching DVD's, ordering room service, drinking & laughing.

Room service, always such a novelty. Why is that? It's just fancy take-away really...(except you're in the same building it was made in, hmmm)

Does anyone know what type of flowers these are?