Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A week off

Beaufort street festival - Steampunk Sideshow was amazing, not technically part of my week off but it was still a bit of Perth fun before I leave! (more photos to come later on) 

Beci Orpin
BSF = Empty wallet. Beci Orpin Feather Brooch purchased on the day from Ruck Rover General Store. True to form, I broke this getting it out of the box, a bit of craft glue solved the problem though and the clasp is now securely attached! 

BlanketFarmers Market with my lovely housemate! We even got to visit the Knit-a-Wish stall! 

I will miss this sky. 

Pride Parade! I didn't actually get any good photographs of the parade since we waited a million years for our cocktails and ended up missing most of it! It was nice to see William Street full of life on a saturday night, this is my favourite shop (William Topp) which stayed open for the Pride revellers. Sorry for the dodgy photo. 

Fire pit

Sunday afternoon drinks at Mundaring Weir. A Fly decided to die in my glass of wine, otherwise a lovely afternoon! 


We finally made it to the zoo...


More snakes

This guy eats Deer. Deer, people, Deer.

This guy was like a bonsai tortoise, I didn't realise how small they were. Too cute.

Nap time!

Reading about the decline of the Tiger population was very distressing.


Red kangaroo paw

In other news, we got some new tattoos...

Tattoo gun 2

More pictures once they've healed!

I hope you are all enjoying the winding down of 2011