Tuesday, 19 April 2011

furniture restoration

Last year when we moved to Perth we had nowhere to put our television, it had been sitting on my Grandmother's coffee table looking rather sad and making our necks hurt for quite some time when some suitable furniture was spotted on the verge not far from our house.

Getting it from A to B was a mission and I didn’t think we were going to make it. With the help of a borrowed skateboard and lots of swearing we managed to wheel the damn thing down the road and then drag it across the park (to the amusement of all the dog walkers) and finally dump it in our parking space.

There it stayed for a while, looking sad and sickly pink until I managed to head over to Bunnings and raid their rejected paint section. I love the rejected paint section, it’s the best and cheapest way to buy paint and I usually manage to find something along the lines of what I’d imagined.

To transform our horrible new acquisition I got a tin of pastel-ish green from the reject section and splurged on a spray can of ivory – all up it cost me about $15 for materials.

Here are the results, I sanded it back and gave it a nice new coat of paint, got some new screws and in no time at all it was looking much more house friendly and not quite so ugly! I still haven’t put the drawers on runners and the handles on the bottom cupboards don’t match, but that’s just part of it’s charm. 


It's old but it keeps our television happy and it's great to hide the mess in when people come over! Be careful scavenging on the verge though! A man was arrested recently for 'stealing' a vacuum cleaner - check it out.