Thursday, 15 August 2013

The tale of Grefriars Bobby makes me sob every time: Edinburgh (again)

Edinburgh was amazing (again) & the train trip from London provided some beautiful scenery, even without the copious amounts of daffodils that graced the hills on our last trip. 

Travelling with my family had a weird impact on the photographs I took while we were away - obviously with just the two of us usually there aren't many photographs involving people, so that was a bit different but having access to a smartphone (I have a crappy, but very reliable & never-needs-charging samsung flip phone, no camera, definitely no internet access!) changed the photographs I chose to take with my DSLR. Usually it's glued to my face the whole time we are travelling (with a proper amount of just 'taking-it-all-in' hopefully). Yes, I'm the embarrassing person that pulls out a giant camera no matter where we are. This time I noticed myself taking more photographs on the phone because it was just...easier. The quality is different but so are the photographs themselves - being able to quickly take a picture without hauling out a huge camera was definitely something I enjoyed. I don't think that having constant access to a smartphone would make me shelve the DSLR but it would definitely allow me to take quick snaps of nice everyday things. 

So, the next few blog posts from our trip will have some weirdly square phone pics thrown in (I now have an Instagram account, which for obvious reasons can't be updated very often - although Ben has a fancy phone I can get my hands on every now & then!)

Okay. That's enough ranting about phones/cameras - here are a few pictures from our foggy/rainy/perfectly Scottish week in Edinburgh...

Greyfriars Kirkyard

Coffee at Brew Lab every day
The little flat we stayed in - I do love Airbnb!

We spent our time generally wandering through the city & went to a few of my favourite Edinburgh places, including another trip to Craigmillar Castle where we were greeted with perfect sunshine for the only part of our stay!