Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Perhaps another trip is needed: Paris

I'd never seriously thought about going to Paris but then living in London & only being 2 hours away on the train it seems silly not to venture over at some point. 

After being in Amsterdam the city felt huge & difficult to get my head around. We spent our time doing super touristy things this time 'round (The Eiffel Tower, Versailles, The Louvre, Notre Dame etc) and I'm glad we did. All good experiences but I don't know if I'd head back to them all again given the chance! Although I would definitely go to Versailles again. Next time I'd skip going into the main palace (oh-so-crowded) & spend all our time wandering around the amazing grounds and hopefully make it to the Petite Trianon which we didn't have time for, even though we spent a whole day there! 

I enjoyed being in Paris but I still feel fairly ambivalent about it.

It would be nice to go back one day, there's a lot left to see/do and I know lots of people that love it, maybe it's a slow burning kinda thing...Also, it was crazy hot the whole time we were in Paris so perhaps the heat wasn't helping!

Tuileries Garden: A lovely spot for lunch after the crazy hectic Louvre
Seriously crazy: The Louvre (guess what they're all not looking at properly!)
It's all in the detail for me
Versailles. It is incredible that the French Monarchy survived as long as it did... I'd be pissed too.
Do you love Paris? Am I missing something? Help me understand!