Saturday, 25 May 2013

Copenhagen (Part I)

From Berlin we hopped the overnight bus to Copenhagen, arriving a day before the Copenhagen Beer Celebration. Arriving at 6:30am & not being able to check into our hotel until 3pm meant we had a lot of time to kill in a slightly delirious/sleep deprived state so we did the sensible thing & headed out for breakfast. Danish Breakfast is awesome. Rye bread, fruit, cheese...what's not to like!

Our trip to Copenhagen came about because of the Copenhagen Beer Celebration that Ben had attended last year & was working at this time. A lot of the time was spent drinking beer/talking about beer/thinking about beer but we managed to see a lot of the city as well & I ventured out on my own quite a bit while Ben (& everyone we know from London) was at the festival.

The city itself is really beautiful. Clean, calm & obviously full of attractive Danes riding bicycles. The sun stayed out until 11pm some nights and in the 4 days we were there we encountered a surprising amount of street parties/festivals. In the warm weather I can imagine hanging about in Copenhagen & being quite happy but I don't think I would survive the darker winter months. Hopefully we will head back there sometime (probably for CBC next year!) so I can experience it without comparing it to Berlin, an unfair way to look at it all I think.

Here are some photographs from around the place...

Walking along the canal to Norrebro, my favourite part of Copenhagen
I just love them
So many markets in the city

Canal casualties

Cake, Fritz-limo, Sunshine. Perfect.
More of Copenhagen soon!