Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Berlin (Part III) Beer & Baked Goods

Obligatory pictures of beer/food (if donuts can be considered food...oh wait, the filling was made of fruit so it definitely counts.) Being Vegetarian in a non-english speaking country was totally fine, falafel was our go-to meal & we pretty much never get tired of it so no complaints here! I had envisaged eating vegetables covered in cheese which I would also have had no complaints about...

Aside from the 4 day donut crawl that our trip became we also managed to get around to a few brew pubs. I have it on good authority that the beer was good most places and I can definitely say that the cider at Hops & Barley is good but I'd be careful of it if you're ever there! 

I got horribly drunk in this fine establishment. All I could think was how did I end up here, in Berlin, so very drunk? When the room stopped spinning I realised that I had perhaps had too much cider & getting to Berlin just involved a short plane trip. All very simple to the sober mind.

Hops & Barley
Schalander Brew Pub
Some of the many, many donuts
Delicious baked goods
(We managed some self restraint & didn't buy the GIANT donut we encountered at this bakery. Perhaps next time.)
Seriously. We ate a shit tonne of donuts.

Not eating donuts again any time soon

If you ever find yourself in Berlin I can highly recommend Donuts & Falafels since that's about all we ate our entire time there. Washed down with a lot of beer & club-mate.