Friday, 21 September 2012

Part III

While we were away we stayed in a cottage on a farm in a small village called Musbury. It was about 10mins away from River Cottage HQ & Axminster. It was really lovely and best of all... the shower was AWESOME. It wasn't the best shower I've ever used, but after living with one that resembles a leaky tap for the past 6 months it was so so good. 

Anyway, enough about the shower. Here are some photos from around the place & our day in Somerset. 

Our cottage for the week
The view from the kitchen window. This guy really spent a lot of time contemplating his Equine Life whilst staring into the distance... 

Since we had a car we decided that driving through Somerset for a day might be a nice idea. It was.

Wandering through Apple Orchards in Somerset
We came back with a LOT of cider
This little guy was so lovely. 

We came back from Somerset with a haul of cider, cheese & other good things. Mulled cider on one evening took care of a bunch of it but there is still a lot left to drink!