Thursday, 20 September 2012

Part II

The River Cottage Autumn Fair was lovely - we ate cake, browsed market stalls, went to talks, sat in the garden, threw gumboots & just had a great time hanging out. 

The walk down to the fair - we opted out of the tractor ride! 
Market stalls. We came home with cheese, cider, plums & pumpkin. I was very restrained & didn't buy any crafty goods (especially since Renegade Craft Fair was on the horizon!)

They were weaving baskets at the stall, so beautiful. 

The Skittles were dominated by toddlers (most of whom just ran down & knocked them over after the ball failed to hit anything. I would too.)

Not since we had a beehive in the backyard have I seem SO many bees in one place. The cake stand was swarming.

It really was a lovely way to spend the first real day of our holiday!