Friday, 31 August 2012

Crochet confessions & neighbourhood cats

I have a confession to make: I have had this yarn sitting on our coffee table for a while now. Eventually I intend to turn it into a beanie (or perhaps a beanie & something else...) for a little person that is on the way soon. Remember when I got these? That was a while ago and I still haven't used them. Terrible! I now have 2 weeks in which to make & post said items to Japan. I'm going to be honest - it doesn't look too much like that's going to happen at the moment. Here's hoping the little one decides to be fashionably late! 

The colours are a bit nicer than they look in this picture... this makes them look like something found in a curtain from the 1970's.
So now for some procrastinating from starting the above crochet...


Despite the foxes there are lots of cats in the neighbourhood. I miss Harley the ladder climbing cat who I got to hang out with while living with my lovely Perth friends. (I miss them too, obviously!) It's nice to see the local cats lazing around on top of cars and walls. Porter the pub cat is all grown up & counts himself amongst the 'outside' cats now too. 

One of the many friendly neighbourhood cats.  It's amazing how many people here have pets (especially dogs) considering almost everyone lives in apartments/tiny terrace houses.

Other crafty projects I have not yet started/completed:
  1. Making 'non sew' curtains for the living room. The ones we have now are pretty gross.
  2. Friendly Fireplace Softie
  3. Dyeing permanent marker stained dress & embroidering collar
  4. Finishing this blanket. Yep, that's right - It's still just a bunch of squares! This one doesn't count anyway because the squares are currently on the other side of the world. 
I really am terrible at actually getting stuff done. Even stuff that I want to do and enjoy doing. Go figure. I need some motivation. Please help me (come over for a crafternoon perhaps? It's a long journey if you're back home but I will make some noms...that's totally worth 24hours in transit, yeah?)