Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A floating Marketplace & a non Notting Hill Carnival kind of afternoon

After a lazy morning waiting for our new shower (which happens to be worse than the previous one) to be installed we popped over to Primrose Hill for a coffee fix & took a stroll down the lovely (green) Regent's Canal to the Floating Market & onwards to Hyde Park. We had originally intended on heading to Notting Hill Carnival but by the time we dragged ourselves out of Hyde Park & got there we found ourselves in a sea of drunken revellers which proved far too much for our sober selves.

It's amazing to watch the poor ducks struggling through this sludge... 
Cafe's, hairdressing salons & bookstores were among the 'stalls'

The Floating Market was a bit disappointing but a novelty all the same. It seemed a bit too personal getting onto the boats to browse so we contented ourselves with some windowless shopping on the canal bank.
Perhaps we'll brave the carnival crowds next year. Summer is beginning to descend into Autumn and soon taking a walk down the canal will require a lot more effort so we are enjoying the last few weeks of warmth. Bring on the Ice Cream festival, Pride in Brighton & our River Cottage adventure!