Monday, 2 July 2012

A street fair, a lovely neighbourhood & pebbles in Brighton

Being employed has been taking up most of my time lately (thank goodness!) but we've still been doing a lot, mostly hanging about in our lovely little neighbourhood which was made all the better after the Alma Street Fair a few weeks ago. Sunshine (*gasp*), art, market stalls, music & good food - all just around the corner. I have also really been enjoying reading our Hyperlocal The Kentishtowner which helps us decide what to get up to locally on the weekends. Obviously there's a lot to do in a city like London and we're trying to get around to as much as possible but it's nice to hang out within walking distance of home, especially since our favourite food, coffee, pub & ice cream are all within 5 mins of us! We've had a lot of lovely visitors lately too and it's been nice to show them parts of our neighbourhood that they wouldn't normally get to see when travelling through this crazy city...

Veggie Wrap from Arancini Bros. This is seriously amazing. They are located on the street just outside our apartment building and we go at least once a week. Veggie stew, arancini, wraps, cake and good coffee. What else could you possibly need? Also, they are super friendly & we left their stall at Alma Street with a 1kg bag of crispy fried onions which we hadn't been able to find anywhere. We were WAY too excited about the onions. 
NW5 is Kentish Town (our neighbourhood, well technically we're just next door in Camden but we like Kentish Town. A lot.)

Art Street at the Alma Street Fair

The bar at Camden Town Brewery (Ben's place of work) has been a whole lot more awesome recently with the addition of Street Feast London. So much amazing food, so little time to try everything. They've moved back to the much trendier Dalston which is sad but at least we got a few weeks with them in our neck of the woods! We tried as much as we could, and it was all sooo good. There aren't a lot of photograph's as one night, upon arrival at the bar and the consumption of a few drinks I realised that my camera was without battery...At that point we were too far into the evening for me to bother walking the 5 mins home to get the charger!

Mac & Cheese with sour cream, chilli and coriander
Matcha & white chocolate,  Blueberry & Lime, Carrot Cake all from Sweet Tooth Factory where we also tried the Salted Caramel Cheesecake. Amazing.
Lots of herbs and plants of various descriptions... we now have a proper window planter in our living room and they are all quite happy in there!
Sipsmith Summer Cup. Far too delicious for my own good. We've also been drinking a lot of their Gin lately. 
Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting made by Ben. I think I'll just leave all the bananas to turn into 'only suitable for baking' ones from now on...
Our former housemate (you might be able to make out a hand/guitar above...) who also happens to be awesomely talented. Living in Camden means we occasionally get to a gig, this shoddy picture was taken at The Blues Kitchen a few weeks ago. You should definitely check this out
Beer Float from our absolute favourite place in Camden. More on this later... I promise.

Further afield (just to prove that we do indeed get out and about!) in Shoreditch...
Bunting has been flying all over London lately

Crazy good Ethopian food

Even further afield in Brighton where I went for an arts & learning conference a few weeks ago... It was lovely and hopefully we will both make it out there soon. 

Pebbles anyone?

If there is one thing I love about the UK it is the planter boxes
Next time I will tell you all about our Elderflower foraging & cordial making adventures - how lucky are you?