Monday, 16 July 2012

A (rainy) birthday weekend & cooking adventures

A few weeks ago we did some urban foraging and picked Elderflowers from a tree just near our flat. We didn't go too crazy and left quite a lot of flowers on the tree, the other day we had a look & sure enough they are becoming Elderberries... a future foraging project perhaps?

On Saturday we celebrated Ben's birthday by heading out in the rain & cold (so much for a summer birthday!) to brave the crowds at the amazing Borough Markets. We ate cheese sandwiches, drank gooooood coffee and came home with a bottle of Blackwoods Gin, Sipsmith Summer Cup and 4 punnets of British Rasberries (among other goodies). 

Here are some pictures from cooking fun times in our tiny kitchen. I want to say that I was actually involved in making all of these delicious things but to be completely honest Ben did pretty much all of the work while I took photos and generally got in the way!

Elderflowers smell amazing, but really only after they've been picked I think...

Gettin' busy
I'm not going to lie - we have 2 bottles of cordial & they ain't gonna last long!

 Apricot & Plum Chutney

These guys should be ready in about a months' time 

Ben also made a tiny batch of Raspberry Jam with some fruit that we got on our Borough Market visit. I had 4 punnets of them in my bag & narrowly avoided a Raspberry stain disaster - which I wouldn't have minded except that I spent ages embroidering the bag!

Then Ben made a surprise Monday cake - Victoria Sponge with Raspberry Jam & Cream...

Oh yeah.

What can we take away from this particular blog post?

  1. I need to up my game in the cooking stakes
  2. There is a lot of making delicious-ness in our tiny kitchen despite the lack of oven temperature gauge's, proper saucepans & non-level stovetop
  3. We love food
  4. Gym membership should probably be on my list of things to get
  5. If you come & visit us you will definitely be well fed!
So come and visit us!