Thursday, 17 May 2012

The seat's up!

Around the place...

Our Apartment Building, we're up the top.
The view - Hello London!
Abandoned Putt Putt in the grounds of our building
Strolling through our new neighbourhood, Camden.
Blossoms. They're all gone now and it hasn't even started getting any warmer.
We made ANZAC biscuits, 2 different recipes. I prefer the chewy kind but to be honest both batches turned out a bit dodgy. Our oven is not the greatest. I'm sticking with it being the fault of the appliances. 

Ben went to Copenhagen for a beer festival last week...

That rug really tied the room together.
A Danish which travelled all the way from Denmark in Ben's pocket. (Don't worry, it was in a paper bag too, not just in the pocket.)
Candy Malt from Denmark.

So far our new neighbourhood has this stuff going for it:

  1. Close to Regent's Park, which is awesome
  2. Good Coffee 
  3. Interesting shops/cafes/people 
  4. Close to Chin Chin (A bit too close for us to have any self control over our current ice cream obsession)
  5. Good Coffee 
  6. Walking distance to the brewery
  7. Well connected via public transport. But then pretty much all of London is, compared to say, anywhere in Australia.
  8. Indoor pool nearby! Haven't been brave enough to swim yet though.
  9. It's busy but it's not hard to find somewhere quiet either
  10. Three Donuts for £1 at the end of the day over at Camden Markets (which we generally avoid, we only brave it for the ice cream and donuts. Well, Ben braves the donut crowd, I stay well away - people get a tad too excited by the prospect of getting 3 donuts for £1. Also, I don't eat donuts so I shouldn't have to be crushed to death by ravenous donut eaters) 
Also, there is good coffee - did I mention that already?

Generally it's a lovely place to live, I know that most of the cool kids are over in the east of London nowadays but I'm fine right here! Also, not one of the cool kids, obviously... who says 'cool kids'? 


Have a lovely rest-of-the-week everyone.

I will endeavour to post more interesting, blog worthy photos and words next time.