Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Check the envelope, check it again, almost seal it, nope - check it again.

The visa application has been put in the post - phew! Let's hope it gets there in one piece and that I didn't forget anything. Today involved a (surprisingly quick) visit to the British Consulate-General offices to have my 'biometric data' taken. Fingerprints were scanned and a photo taken - let's hope it was better than the hideous passport photo I just got (I think it must be compulsory for a passport photo to be terrible). 

After the fingerprint scanning I was joined by my little brother and we spent the rest of the afternoon drinking coffee, wandering around the city and deciding on where to go for lunch. We ended up deciding on a nice little cafe in the QVB, the food was good and it was inside, out of the rain - such a lovely 'summer' Sydney has been having. 

Although after speaking to a certain person in London who answered the question "Is it cold there at the moment?" with "A bit, not too bad though..." (I looked it up, 1'c is more than 'A bit cold' for someone who has been living in Perth) 

I am rethinking my feelings about the summer here.