Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Scotland and squares.

Some light reading for our big move... We are moving to Scotland, gah! I've got a backpack and am already getting ready to trek around Europe (let's not worry too much about the whole living in Scotland, freezing to death thing - just a small issue!) Living in Perth has not prepared me for this. 


Ben makes the move earlier than me and so in order to make sure that he keeps warm over there I am furiously crocheting a blanket for him to take....

Squares in bunch


Cosy warmth... Lucky there was a yarn sale at Spotlight! Hopefully it will all be done, I have about 5 weeks to finish it in so fingers crossed I can stitch up a storm before then.

Blue squares

These blue squares were made ages ago from some yarn I got from our neighbour who was moving and selling everything super cheap, they clearly never became a blanket so you can see why I'm worried about getting the new one done in time!

Dress fabric

Many crafty things to do before we pack up all of our stuff... Material for skirts is hanging around and waiting to be sewn, I also have to get rid of my yarn stash, pictured below. What to make...

I feel some crochet related injuries looming on the horizon. As long as we get some warmth out of it, that's fine with me! Scotland - WTF.