Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Last night we headed out to celebrate Ben finishing his IBD exam and ended up at the Stanley in Wembley. We'd never been before and I really enjoyed it, it was super quiet (it was Tuesday night after all) but that made it nice and relaxed, I imagine that when it gets crowded it can be a little claustrophobic. Apparently not everyone enjoys it, and I haven't been there on a crowded night but the service was friendly, you can get burgers sent in from flipside next door and the couches are comfy. All in all a win from me.  

I drank some Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime 'cider' (I know, it's not real cider but it's pretty damn delicious!) and Ben had, wait for it... beer. I would definitely go back there on a weeknight, it's just a shame it's in the middle of nowhere so someone has to drive, meaning less delicious 'cider' for me.

Stanley door

Mmmmm... sweet goodness. 

My Obasan had a tall lamp with a fringe like this when I was little, in fact she probably still has it now...I love(d) running my hands through the fringe. 

p.s The last 4 photographs were taken on my phone - not too shabby.