Monday, 30 May 2011

Cider press!

A few weeks ago Ben headed down to Donnybrook with a friend to pick fallen apples - they were free and destined to be crushed into cider. It just meant building a cider press  -  an adventure in which I spent more time at Bunnings on a friday night than anyone should. It was eventually made (without any help from me) and last weekend we finally got to see it in action... 

150kg of apples is a lot.

Crushed with bat
The cricket bat came in handy - so professional.

Press with hands

Press with bucket
That apple juice was SO good. I'll get back to you on the cider...


Apart from all of the cider making I went to William Topp the other day (For the sake of my bank account I can't go very often, even though it is only around the corner) and found some lovely things to be sent over to Canada (finally!) and also couldn't help but get something for myself...

Off to canadaThe two wrapped with ribbon are from William Topp and the one in the box is from the lovely Nuio

(more on that after this has reached it's destination!)

Catrabbit bag

William topp
Here he is! Out of the Catrabbit bag... A lovely brooch.

As soon as I saw him I knew that my resolve to not buy anything for myself was gone. 

I have now been dropping hints like giant boulders at home in the hopes that some matching hair combs will arrive in the post one of these days... you never know.