Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Old embroidery

I found some pictures of some embroidery I did a while back for some lovely friends. The bags are from Sublime Stitching, the tiger lady came with the pattern on (you stitch over it and then when you wash it any left over marks come off) and the other bag I made using a few different sublime stitching patterns. I really love Sublime Stitching stuff, they have a great series of artist designs and it's just good to have some cute patterns around in case!



I lined the bags with some fat quater fabric and put in a small internal pocket as well, the bags are a good size but it's nice to have somewhere to put your phone or iPod or what-have-you.


Terrible photograph, taken pre good camera-ness!

The second tiger bag I did, it was fun to play around with the colours


Embroidery is by far my favourite crafty thing to do, I find it very relaxing. Hopefully I'll get around to finishing up some more stuff soon, once I have a chair in my craft room I'm sure I'll spend more time up there!