Friday, 4 February 2011


This little place just opened around the corner from work,


It is so great. It's Hare Krishna, so all vegetarian which works out awesomely for me! They do lunch ($10 all you can eat) and then from 4-7pm they do takeaways. We ran down there from home the other night at about 6:45pm and came away with 2 lots of:

  • Vege curry

  • Rice

  • Halva (so, so good)

  • Pakora

All for $8.00 

Yes indeedy. We got some vege samosa's as well which were a bit extra but they are totally worth it! I am so glad to have found such a lovely place to get lunch or dinner - the people there are very friendly and it's nice to know that anyone that might be hungry can get some seriously good dinner for $4.00 if they've got it.

So...loving Govindas, in fact I might just head there for lunch today!


Below are some photographs of what I've been doing at work this past week or so... there is always something new and unexpected around the corner when you work in the arts!



We're heading down south this weekend to celebrate the birthday of the lovely Lex, It will be great to get away for a while and hang out with some truly wonderful people!