Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Great Slurpie Hunt of 2010

I don't want to alienate anyone with the name, I call it a Slurpie you may prefer 'Slushie', 'Squishie' or the slightly less fun 'Frozen Coke.' Whatever the name, I am sure that you can recall the brain freeze that comes with drinking one of these delicious sugary beverages, the straw with a spoon on the end so you can scoop up the icy morsels and the unnatural colour they make your tongue turn.

It was a hot Saturday morning and our thoughts turned to these wonderous service station novelties. The more we talked about them the better the idea seemed - sure, they're full of sugar and goodness knows what else - but it was HOT so we off to the service station we went. 

Alas! The familiar hum of the Slurpie machine was missing from the first service station. What has the world come to? Disappointed but not discouraged we continued on our journey - visiting service stations and hunting for convenience stores far and wide. As I sat in the car at yet another service station, muttering about the heat, I came to realise that I had been waiting for longer than usual - could it be?

Hell yes! As an added bonus we got free Chomps to go with our icy friends!

One pink and one mixed

I remember walking to the service station on weekends or during the school holidays for these, some places had heaps of different colours and it was so much fun to be able to make your own layered Slurpie. We used to get them when we went to the cinema as well, they were in big paper cups back then and sometimes we would dip pieces of popcorn in them.

These did not disappoint! Sugar overload, bright pink tongue and brain freeze to top it all off!

Before the Great Slurpie Hunt of 2010 began we managed to drag ourselves out of bed and head over to the Subiaco Farmer's Market with nanna cart in tow to do some veggie shopping. They're lovely markets to wander around and it also helps that they are home to some delicious pastries (most of which are sold out by the time we get there unfortunately!)

Plain croissants

Ben contemplates his croissant: "I consider myself to have eaten a lot of pastries in my time, and I'm telling you that this is the BEST croissant I have ever had." (I nearly fell off the bench with laughter - he was very serious)

They also have savoury croissants, I had a pumpkin and fetta one - so good! To reward ourselves for getting up so early (okay so it wasn't really early at all...) we also got some awesome pita bread with spinach and fetta in it, it was tasty good! next time we are going to get a breakfast calzone - they looked yummy. Lucky we bought so many vegetables to make up for all of the baked goods and sugary drinks we consumed that day!

We love the markets :-)

On a crafty note:  We spent some time picking upholstery fabrics the other day and I am going to make a new cushion cover for the papa-san. At the moment it looks as though it walked out of a 1980's motel. Pictures to follow!