Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Indoor picnics & crochet, crochet, crochet!

Picnic2 copy

This past weekend we decided to go an a picnic. Due to the sore throats in the house we weren't able to actually go anywhere so we decided to have an indoor picnic. Despite the lack of ducks and the much loved post-picnic nap it was quite nice! Perhaps next time we'll venture outside - I might even take my bicycle along.


Strawberry plants - they will be noms 

In addition to indoor picnics/television series marathons and bemoaning the untidy nature of our apartment we made our weekly visit to the community garden. This really is a community garden, everyone smiles and says hello and wants to chat about what you're planting. It's a nice peaceful atmosphere and non gardening activities include lots of mosaic making so perhaps I'll get up the nerve to join in one day. At the moment though, it's all about the seedlings and compost! 

On a more crafty note, I am lucky enough to be working on an installation for the city of Perth's Art In Bloom festival which is happening in September. Captain Plaknit and myself will be crocheting up a storm in the coming weeks! Will keep you updated, the structure we are working with is a large (VERY large) greenwall in the Northbridge Piazza. I'm sure the installation day will be quite funny!

Also, am going to start working on a piece for the Beaufort Street Festival which I'm quite excited about. 

Before all of this crafting happens I'm going to have to face the mountain of stuff that is currently keeping my craft area warm. I am not looking forward to it - although it'll be nice to actually be able to see my sewing machine again!

Between work and uni (I haven't forgotten) and crochet installations it looks to be a busy time ahead...