Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Lure of Cheap Tickets

My flights to Melbourne were cheap. Very cheap. I decided to fly with Tiger Airways...mistake. After arriving to check in on time and not being able to locate the Tiger desk, I finally found them only to be met with a bunch of cranky people, all of whom wanted to inform me that I was late. 

Yes, I did know I was late, the lady standing right next to you just let me know. Thanks for the superfluous notification.

I finally got on the plane but couldn't locate one half of my seatbelt. I decided it might be down the back of my seat, so I checked. My hand did not meet with a seatbelt, but rather with some chewing gum left by a previous passenger. Great start. I had to sit in the middle (awful), tried to sleep and was very relieved when we finally landed in Melbourne at 6:30am. After walking a million years on the tarmac we arrived in a cage with a roof. This is where our baggage carousel was located, we all froze while we waited for our things and as I looked around it was clear that I wasn't the only one who'd had a less than enjoyable flight.

Perhaps it doesn't sound so bad but even the thought that my tickets were half price couldn't cheer me up. I certainly wasn't looking forward to the return flight, but consoled myself by thinking about the 4 days of Melbourne adventures that awaited me.

Tiger Airways, fly for half the price, with double the stress and be completely ignored by our rude staff members.

I'll fly with a real airline next time!