Thursday, 17 June 2010

Gardens and crochet tags


We have recently joined our local community garden. Very exciting since we live in a small upstairs apartment with no room to grow anything! Planting has yet to begin as we are waiting for our plot to be vacated before we can move in. We have, however, been visiting most Saturday's to see what's happening. It's a lovely place and I'm so happy that we can finally start growing some things again. 


Another lovely thing about our community garden is the crochet tag that welcomes you as come in the gate. The tag has been made by Captain Plaknit whose work can be seen in and around awesome! 






Hopefully one day I'll actually get out there and do some yarn bombing of my own! This has definitely inspired me to make a start, and it's just so nice to see every time I go to the garden. Thanks Captain Plaknit!